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The only structural biology platform exclusively for T Cell Receptors

TCRs as Therapeutic Molecules

With the ability to target intracellular antigens, T cell receptors (TCRs) have significant therapeutic potential for the treatment of solid tumors.

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TCRs: A Structural Opportunity

In other fields, structural biology is used as a powerful tool to validate and optimize aspects of therapeutics such as binding, potency, and specificity. However, despite being prime candidates for structural analysis, structural biology is not well integrated into the TCR development process.

A Better Way to Validate and Optimize TCRs

Addressing the distinct lack of structural biology in TCR immunotherapy development, Structured Immunity serves as a partner to enable improved validation and optimization of lead TCRs. By incorporating the benefits of structural immunology to the research and development process, safer and more efficacious TCRs can be selected for clinical development.

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