Our Platform

Structural solutions to enhance TCR research and development

Helping to De-Risk TCR Development and Increase R&D capacity.

We have developed the only structure guided design platform trained exclusively on TCRs.

Advanced Solutions

Structure DeterminationX-Ray Crystallography
Proven expertise in TCR structure determination

High-throughput crystallization assays screen thousands of unique conditions, generating optimal crystals as fast as possible.

Our team of experts provide rapid refinement expertise to solve TCR-peptide/MHC structures with speed and accuracy.

TCR-Antigen CharacterizationBiophysical Analysis
Unambigously define epitope interactions

State-of-the-art laboratory to characterize TCR and peptide/MHC stability, affinity, and other thermodynamic properties.

We directly quantify interactions to guide further development and strengthen patent applications.

TCR Specificity ScreenEpitope Mapping
Computationally assess TCR specificity profiles

A powerful computational platform assesses TCR off-target recognition by searching for structurally compatible peptide antigens.

Our bioinformatics searches can reveal peptide antigens with little to no sequence similarity to the target peptide.

Structure-Guided TCR OptimizationProtein Engineering
Structure-guided solutions for development programs

Structural insights to rationally improve the affinity, specificity, or chain pair stability of lead TCRs.

Our leading expertise in TCR structure-guided designs lead to improved molecules with controlled outcomes.


Our Partners Can Harness Our Technology To

  • Structurally investigate and interpret TCR interactions to guide development strategies
  • Assess off-target recognition of lead TCR candidates to strengthen regulatory submissions
  • Optimize TCRs to improve variables such as specificity, affinity, or chain-pair stability
  • Save millions of dollars costs by invalidating sub-optimal TCR candidates;
  • Select the best possible TCR for further clinical development

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